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Solidarity Statement with #LaSalle14 and #Hutto27

On behalf of No One is Illegal - Toronto and the End Immigration Detention Network, we are writing to express our solidarity with the wave of hunger strikes by immigration detainees in the U.S. over the past two weeks.

As an organization of migrants and allies, we fight for the rights of all migrants to live with dignity and respect. We firmly oppose all detentions and deportations. We condemn immigration and border policies rooted in colonialism and racism, designed to exploit and scapegoat migrants, and we acknowledge that both Canada and United States are colonial states founded on stolen Indigenous lands. We also recognize the complicity of the Canadian government and corporations in the displacement of millions across the global south due to militarism, climate catastrophe, and resource extraction.

We are in solidarity with #ElPaso54: On October 14, 54 South Asian long-term detainees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan detained at the El Paso Detention Center started a hunger strike, who lasted 7 days without food and water.

We are in solidarity with #LaSalle14: Today is day 12 of the hunger strike at La Salle Detention Center in Louisiana, which began after some of the detainees were transferred from El Paso Detention Center.

We are in solidarity with #Hutto27: On October 28, at least 27 women began their hunger strike at the T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Taylor, Texas. 18 of the women have released public statements, please read and share:

"I am a woman fleeing a country where women are given few rights, all of which are violated, and land in this place where the people of immigration condemn us to a process with little or no security, since this process will ultimately end with our deportation. With no objection to a lack of defense, condemning us to an assured death upon being deported back to our countries, then where are our rights?"

We condemn the brutal intimidation tactics used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to suppress recent resistance, including placing leaders in solitary confinement and threatening the detainees with immediate deportation.

We condemn the rampant use of prisons to enforce immigration laws and the criminalization of migrants. We recognize the disproportionate violence experienced by women and children (60,000 of whom crossed the U.S.-Mexico border last year) in the process of displacement, migration, and incarceration. In Canada, we have seen heightened immigration enforcement, and increases in raids and enforcement collusion. Detentions are getting longer and deportations becoming more frequent. Since 2008, 100,000 people, including women and youth, have been detained indefinitely without charge or trial, and many in maximum security prisons for years on end.

We honour resistance and work in solidarity with the struggles of migrants in detention, from the 191 detainees who staged the historic hunger strike in Lindsay, Ontario in September 2013, to the

South Asian migrants and women currently on hunger strike demanding an end to detention and deportation.

We demand freedom for #ElPaso54, #LaSalle14, and #Hutto27. We demand the abolition of detention centres, and freedom for all migrants, locked up in detention centres across Turtle Island and the globe!

Until all are free! Freedom to move, freedom to return, and freedom to stay!