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NOII - Toronto is happy to announce that we've finally set up our monthly sustainers system, meaning we can now accept continuing contributions from allies looking to support our work! In the buildup to this year's May Day marches, we're hoping to lay the foundation for our upcoming work against Harper's colonial, racist deportation machine - we'd like to be able to get an office, bring our Know Your Rights trainings to as many spaces in the city as possible, build an anchor of urban support for Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug in their struggle to defend their land, and expand our network of allies more broadly.

Conservatives using No One Is Illegal to distract from anti-immigrant record, Refugee Exclusion Act (Bill C-31)

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Canada, Turtle Island - Immigrant and refugee rights groups from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver were brought up in Parliament yesterday [1] and targetted in a press release by Minister of Deportation Jason Kenney [2]. The Tories have charged that No One Is Illegal is "not simply another noisy activist group but hard-line anti-Canadian extremists".

However as Sozan Savehilaghi from No One Is Illegal - Vancouver Coast Salish Territories notes, "It seems as if everyone who is a dissident and stands up for equality and social and environmental justice is an extremist in Harper's corporate Canada", referring to Tory government recently targeting Indigenous communities and environmentalists against Enbridge pipeline also as "extremist"‘.

Response to Jason Kenney’s Staged Citizenship Ceremony

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No One Is Illegal Toronto and No One Is Illegal Vancouver Coast Salish Territories Respond to Jason Kenney’s Staged Citizenship Ceremony

Watch our video response Citizenship Canada Bureaucratic Oath:

Jason Kenney, Minister of Censorship and Deportation, is making headlines again with yet another parliamentary scandal. A series of access to information requests have revealed that Kenney's office organized a bogus citizenship ceremony broadcast on Sun Media (the aspiring Fox News Network of Canada). “Let’s do it. We can fake the oath,” said one Sun staffer, and arranged for six federal bureaucrats to stand in as "immigrants." Kenney has refused to apologize for this disgusting photo-op.


No One Is Illegal-Toronto Statement, December 2011

As early as this month, God's Lake Inc. a mining company based in Toronto, will attempt to begin exploration on sacred burial grounds in traditional KI territory, about 20 hours north of Toronto.

With the Ontario government refusing to act, the KI Nation has called for allies in Toronto to urgently support their political campaign to defend their lands and sovereignty.

Please immediately sign a petition at Other ideas for individuals and organizations to take action are at

Join the facebook page:

If you are available to attend emergency actions in Toronto in the near future (and/or spread word of them) and would like to be on the Toronto KI Support Network phone tree, please email your phone number


No One Is Illegal - Toronto Statement on G20 Conspiracy Plea Resolution

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On Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 17 community organizers – including No One Is Illegal - Toronto’s own Syed Hussan – charged with G20 related “conspiracy” charges, entered into a ‘plea deal’ with the Crown. The plea saw eleven of the 17 G20 defendants getting their charges dropped, while the remaining six – Leah, Mandy, Alex, Peter, Eric, and Adam – will face jail time ranging from 3 to 16 months. Today, on Monday, November 28, Eric, Adam and Peter will begin their jail sentences.

It’s been 17 months since that week in June 2010, when more than 40,000 of us took to the streets in Toronto to fight back against an expensive and exploitative summit whose only real goal was the furthering of corporate greed, military expansion, wars, displacement and environmental destruction. 17 months since the Canadian police and government waged an explicit and overt war against any dissent making itself too visible on the streets; a war that included the largest spy operation, and the largest mass arrest (1,100 people) in Canadian history. All justified by a billion dollar “security” tag.

17 months since organizers were snatched off the streets, threatened with assault, assaulted, beaten and had their doors broken down in pre-dawn house raids. 17 months since activists and organizers visible and vocal in demonstrating opposition to G20 policies were charged with various “conspiracy” and “counseling” charges and forced to go through extended pre-trial detentions, highly restrictive house arrest and endure constant surveillance.

Solidarity with Occupy Toronto

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On Tuesday night, Occupy Toronto was successful in having a judge order that Occupy Toronto can stay until arguments are heard in court on Friday at 11am. The judge will deliver his verdict by Monday, November 21, 2011.

We are calling on all supporters, allies, and friends to resist the forced eviction of Occupy Toronto.

Solidarity Rallies:
Friday 11am-1pm Solidarity with Occupy Toronto Rally at St James Park
All Out on Saturday 2pm-5pm. Evict Ford. Hell No, We Won't Go.
Please keep checking as details may change.

Call the offices of Ford and Councillors:
Ford: 416-397-FORD (3673)

Defend Occupy:
Park defense is ongoing. If you are going to defend the park, go in groups and stick together! Look for the Movement Defence Committee and know your rights. Together we are stronger.


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