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Indigenous Solidarity

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Indigenous solidarity work is an integral part of No One Is Illegal-Toronto’s political work. Our ongoing analysis is shaped by an understanding that displacement and migration are intricately linked to the extensive and pervasive effects of colonialism, particularly European colonialism. As a people’s movement that is geographically situated on what the Haudenosaunee (people of the Long House) call “turtle island” we must understand our own role and responsibility in the genocide, displacement and theft of land of indigenous people in the Americas. The clear links between colonization and migration highlights the need for our work to be intricately linked in solidarity with the struggles of Indigenous nations in the Americas (and particularly those on land we occupy) for sovereignty, land and freedom.

No One Is Illegal Toronto in solidarity with Attawapiskat

No One Is Illegal - Toronto condemns the Trudeau government's continuation of Canada’s colonial violence towards Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. Indigenous communities have time and time again proven their resilience and strength, finding ways to resist and reassert their sovereignty in the face of ongoing displacement, dispossession, and cultural genocide. This violence has occurred for centuries and remains integral to Canada’s policies and practices today. Lack of drinkable water, housing, adequate health and social services, and a continual mismanagement of funds by the Canadian government has left Attawapiskat First Nation and countless other Indigenous communities across Turtle Island without adequate supports to thrive and exist with dignity.

Grassy Narrows River Run 2016: Healthy river, healthy people

May/31/2016 - 12:00 pm
Jun/02/2016 - 4:00 pm

WHEN: Thursday, June 2 at 12 PM
WHERE: Queen's Park, Toronto

WHAT: In Spring of 2016 Grassy Narrows people will travel 1,700 km to Toronto to call on Premier Wynne to finally clean up the 9,000 kg of mercury that were dumped in our river in the 1960’s. Join us as we demand justice for our people and protection for the waters and forests that give life.

To all land defenders and people in struggle for indigenous liberation,

Please join us in Toronto on June 2nd, 2016 at noon at Queen's Park, for a rally to force Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario government to take action.

Public speaking Event 
Featuring Grassy Narrows youth singers, Elders, leaders.
With Avi Lewis

Statement from Grassy Narrows Women on the 12th anniversary of their ongoing logging blockade

December 03, 2014

We, the women of Grassy Narrows, make a statement on behalf of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on resource extraction on our traditional harvesting lands since time immemorial.

We are carriers of lifeand nation keepers of the Anishinabek peoples.

We will not allow resource extractionthat destroys the habitat of our harvesting lands and waters…

We are the voice of the animals, trees, land, waters, ancestors, present and future children.

We are the voice of the Anishnabe in Asubpeeschooseewagong (Grassy Narrows) that chose to use our voice to protect and speak for Asubpeeschoseewagong traditional territory.

Read the full statement at:

She Speaks: Indigenous Women Speak Out Against Tar Sands (Toronto)

Oct/03/2012 - 6:30 pm
Oct/03/2012 - 8:30 pm

October 3, 2012, 6:30pm
25 Cecil Street (Steelworkers Hall)


Indigenous communities are taking the lead to stop the largest industrial project on Earth and Northern Alberta is ground zero with over 20 corporations operating in the tar sands sacrifice zone, with expanded developments being planned. The cultural heritage, land, ecosystems and health of Indigenous communities including those in the Athabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake regions of Alberta are being sacrificed for oil money in what has been termed a “slow industrial genocide”. Infrastructure projects linked to the tar sands expansion such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, Kinder Morgan pipeline, Enbridge Line 9 reversal, and the Keystone XL pipeline threaten Indigenous communities across Turtle Island particularly Aamjiwnaang First Nation and the Haudenausaunee Confederacy here in Southern Ontario.

To build ties of solidarity and resistance, and to create a broad base on informed support, a speakers’ series is being organized in Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver) and in Ontario.

KI: Organized resistance wins dramatic victory

This is the update from the Toronto KI Support Committee, March 27, 2012. Read KI Nation's own response to the GLR's buy-out, click here.

On March 29, Ontario announced that it would buy out God's Lake Resources Inc. claims to KI territory for $3.5 million dollars.

A huge part of KI Homeland, over 23,000square kilometers, or over 2% of the total area of ‘Ontario’ is off-limits to mining until KI decides otherwise.

This historic victory is a result of KI Nation asserting sovereignty over its land, refusing to compromise or negotiate for anything less. In a time of austerity, back to work legislation, where too many communities feel like no victory is possible, KI is a beacon of inspiration.

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